Reviving the Spirit of Ramadan

May, 2019

  • 17 May

    Should my Kids Fast in a Finnish School?

    A friend of mine highlighted a news about a primary school in Tampere Finland denying fasting from its pupils due to health concern and difficulties to focus in lessons. “MUSLIM FASTING DISTURBING SCHOOLS WHEN CHILDREN DON’T EAT: WE CANNOT FORCE FOOD TO ANYBODY” Full news at Something like this should not happened. Fasting is never meant to harm or create trouble. In fact, the objective is completely the other way around. A Muslim is only required to fast when the person hits puberty. Even after that, for someone who is traveling, sick, breastfeeding babies, can choose not to fast. …

June, 2017

  • 10 June

    Reviving the Spirit of Ramadan

    It is indeed a lonely battle. Perhaps a slow process to adapt to all the new routines. No more ‘Ustaz Hasrizal, no more sermons in the mosque, and no adhaans even from the minarets of mosques to signify that is it time to pray. Living in Europe is not something new to me. Six years of living in the UK and Ireland, more than a decade ago, exposed me to many unique experiences, but none like what I am experiencing currently, as a Muslim in Northern Scandinavia, 200 km south of the Arctic Circle. Halal food is very limited. We …