Is My ‘Islamic School’ Islamic Enough?

khalifahschool.com Is my school Islamic enough? This is the toughest question to answer. Even with the Douglass and Shaikh’s article, plus the guideline given by Shaykh Ramzy Ajem which I found very beneficial for me to start with, I found the question of ‘Islamic enough’, questions my own understanding about …

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Allah’s Blue Print for Success

A topic to be discussed in a halaqah or usrah “Hmm.. Allah had saved the grossly ignorant dwellers of Makkah who had not only tarnished Masjidil Haram with more than 300 idols but also performed circumambulation around it naked! Still, Allah had saved them from the attacks of Abrahah’s Elephant Army,” I …

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‘Adams’ Before Adam?

“Quite against my will, my lecturer has managed to convince me that the Theory of Evolution is actually true. I felt very uncomfortable in class” said Nazri, one of my fellow coursemates. “The point now is to figure out whether or not the Theory of Evolution is really against the …

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Orientalists: The Fishy Experts

Orientalism was and always one of my favourite subjects. It helps my understanding and challenges my ability to analyse current events such as the Zionist crime in Palestine, under the shade of role played by the ‘experts’ behind the scene. Our main figures among the Orientalists whom we analyse their …

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